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Frequently Asked Questions

Sub Service Mandatory(Yes/No) Reason
GST Registration NO Depends on factors like revenue, business type and individuals
Professional Tax Depends on state to state In Karnataka, enrollments is necesary. Registation is mandatory if you have employees with salary greater than INR 15k
Tan Registration Yes For depositing tds deducted
PAN Yes For ITR filing of the company
Shops and establishment registrations Depends on state to state Usually becomes necessay if you have commercial business place
Food License Case to case Mandatory if you cook food/deliver unpacked food
Trade License Case to case Mandatory for food and pharm business
Import export code registration Case to case If either you import or export goods. Export of services is exempted.
PF registation Yes/no compulsory if you have more than 20 employees. Voluntary if you have more than 6 employees. Directors may or may not be considered employess as per company policy
ESI registration No This is an insurance to mostly blue collared employees. Business may or may not go for this.
Digital Signature(DSC) Yes For filing with ROC/ITR filings.
There are three types of Registrations
  1. Licenses (For Eg. Trade License and Food License): If your business requires any of the Licenses, they should be obtained before commencing business. Commencing a business without Licenses is illegal
  2. Tax Registrations (GST, PT etc). These registrations are applicable on fulfilling certain conditions while doing business. Before those conditions are fulfilled, the registration is completely optional. In short, business can be started without these registrations as well
  3. Mandatory Registrations (S&E, PF, ESI etc) These registrations are required on certain criteria. If these criteria is fulfilled, it is mandatory to get these registrations. However, you will usually have till the end of the financial year to complete these requirements