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Wazzeer is a Smart Platform for legal, accounting and compliance services. Leveraging a team of experienced lawyers, Chartered Accountants and Company Secretaries, we help startups, SMEs and foreign companies coming to India take care of their end to end requirements. Our offerings are customized to cater to their requirements

Leveraging our expertise, technology and defined processes, we offer our services virtually. We are removing information asymmetry, bringing in professionalism and making the process intuitive, convenient and professional.
In other words, the kind of service we want for ourselves!

Evolution of Wazzeer


Inception: Solving a problem we faced

As entrepreneurs, we had our own share of challenges when it came to legal, accounting and compliance matters. Conversation with other companies and entrepreneurs made us realize that we were not alone.

We happened to share office with lawyers and CAs, which gave us insight into their approach and working style. A realization that they were at the other end of the problems we faced as clients, made us believe that the root cause of the problem was the existence information asymmetry.


An experiment: Getting the fundamentals right

We took, what we term as ‘an engineering approach’ to build Wazzeer. While the idea looked great in our head, we decided to launch operations with just a small set of trusted professionals. Once we had the proof of concept, we started to build on it.

Without getting into tech development, we focused on getting the right partners or professionals on-board and building the standard operating processes. We wanted the entire experience for both the customers as well as the partners, to be simple yet transparent, professional and cost effective.


Bouncing back: Going through a tough phase and rebuilding

Our journey has not been different from many of the startups (possibly yours too). We have had our share of challenges. Some unexpected circumstances led us through a difficult phase and honestly, we stared at a future that was not clear. In the midst of all this, we decided to give it a shot, brought in more clarity on what we want and pivoted to streamline our client experience.

We have been focused on building expertise, processes and technology that enables a smooth experience.