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Close a Foreign Subsidiary

What is Closing a Company?

Winding up is a tedious process and can be done either voluntary by calling up a meeting of all stakeholders and passing a special resolution or can be done on the order of Court or Tribunal. Strike Off mode was introduced by the MCA to give the opportunity to the defunct companies to get their names struck off from the Register of Companies.

Process Flow

Step 1

Share documents and requirements Passing the board

Share your requirements and the list of documents mentioned below.
Step 2

Passing the board resolution

A board meeting needs to be conducted and a resolution needs to be passed for closing the company
Step 3

Wazzeer will share draft documents

Wazzeer team will prepare draft documents on which signatures will be required of current directors/shareholders
Step 4

Wazzeer will obtain Indemnity bond and Affidavit bond

Indemnity and Affidavit Bond has to be duly notarised by all directors
Step 5

Clients to share executed documents

Clients would have to sign and seal necessary documents and send to us
Step 6

Filing of e-form with ROC

We will help with filing and submitting e form to Registrar of Companies for closing foreign subsidiary
Step 7

Sharing deliverables

We will provide Resolution, filed e forms and challan

Documents required

  • Copy of Bank account closure certificate from Bank
  • Affidavit
  • Indemnity Bond
  • KYC documents of all directors
  • Statement of Accounts from CA (NIL Balance sheet)
  • Closure Resolutions and declarations or Consent from Members and Directors


  • Resolutions and Filed e-Forms
  • Challan

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Frequently Asked Questions

If you don’t close your company then you have to do the monthly and annual filings for your company and If a company doesn’t do any filings for 2 years the company will be struck off by the ministry, the directors will be disqualified, in order to restore the DIN, they will have to apply with the national company law tribunal.

There is an option called dormant company, which provides an option of holding an asset/intellectual property without having significant accounting transactions. You just have file for an annual accounting and compliance. And you can reactivate the company once you feel like you can start the business.

No, even if you are one of the directors or shareholders you still need the approval of other directors and shareholders before closing a company. Only after passing a board resolution it is possible to close a company.

Before striking off the company you need to complete all the pending compliances, after completing all the compliances only you can file for a closure.

The requirements to close a company are 1) you need to file a certificate of dissolution with the state 2) you need to notify the IRS and state and local tax agencies, 3) cancel all the business license 4) notify the creditors about closure. Settle the creditor’s claims 5) Collect all the money owed to the business 6) inform all the stakeholders about the closure.