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What are the scenarios for changing the registered office within a city, City to City and to other states?

  • 1) Change of registered office within the city

Companies relocating the registered office within the local limits of the city or town can do so without the permission of the shareholder or any other authority. However, they must notify the change to the registrar within the prescribed number of days in e-form INC-22, along with other relevant documents and fee

2) Change of registered office From City to different city. (within the state)

Companies shifting the registered office outside city limits but within the same state must take approval from shareholders by way of passing special resolutions.

3) Change of registered office from one state to another.

The process of changing a registered office from one state to another is a bit longer the process starts from

1) Drafting MOA and AOA of the company

2) Holding a board meeting and EGM passing a board resolution and special resolution.

3) Filing with ROC

4) File application in form INC 23.

5) Advertise in the 2 newspapers regarding the change of address

6)  Send the notice of application by registered post to all the creditors and debenture holders, etc.

7) If no objection is received, the RD will put on orders without hearing 8) Once the order is passed file form INC 22 and 28, within 30 days.

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