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What are the Compliances that Private Limited Company has to carry out after incorporation?

It mostly depends on the type of business the company is dealing with, but still, there are few popular compliances & registrations which are

  1. Shops and establishment – If you are a retail business
  2. ESI- if you have more than 10 employees ( in some state > 20) and minimum-salary is 15000/- PM
  3. GST – whose turnover exceeds 40 lakhs ( I recommend you to register it anyway)
  4. Professional Tax -if you hire any employees having min 15000 salary
  5. Trademark – if you want legal protection for your intellectual property
  6. Copyrights- if you have uniqueness in your business that you don’t want anyone to copy
  7. Trade license – essential for every business that carries out trade.

There could more compliances that I might have missed, but again it mostly depends on the nature of the business

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