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What are the rules for ESI for employee?

All the establishments covered under the ESI Act and all factories that employ more than 10 employees and pay wages below Rs. 21,000 per month (Rs. 25,000 for employees with disability) must register with the ESIC and contribute towards the ESI scheme.
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What are the types of Profession tax?

Profession tax is basically two types 1. Enrollment (Form V Payments) Monthly deduction from salaries 2. Registration:-Profession payable based on the annual turnovers of the registered dealers.
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Which entities are required to obtain a Shop and Establishment Certificate under this Act?

Following entities are required to obtain a this  certificate under this act. These are – Retail and wholesale shops; Premises where services are rendered to customers including office; Workhouse or workplace, used for trade or business Theatre or place of public entertainment or amusement Commercial establishment Storeroom, godown or warehouse; Restaurant or eating house Residential hotel
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