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Master Service Agreement

What is a Master Service Agreement?

Master Service Agreement is a contract between two or more parties, in which the parties agree to the terms that will govern future agreements and future transactions. It helps the parties to make future agreements and transactions more quickly because they can rely on the strong foundation of the master agreement.

Process Flow

Step 1

Share your requirements

Share your requirements and the list of documents mentioned below.
Step 2

Discussion with the professionals

You can discuss with our professionals and clear your doubts
Step 3

Drafting and sharing of first draft

Our Lawyers would draft co-founders agreement and share the draft with you
Step 4

Review and feedback

The draft would be reviewed for receving feedback
Step 5

Iterations and Final Documents

After receiving feedback draft would be iterated to draft final document
Step 6

Sharing deliverables

We will share First Draft (Soft Copy) and Final Draft (Soft Copy) as deliverables


Documents and Information Required

    • Required information
    • Documents required if any


  • First Draft (Soft Copy)
  • Final Draft (Soft Copy)

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Frequently Asked Questions

Not really, as once the MSA is signed agreeing to all the terms and condition, then there’s no need of renewing or renegotiate. With the legal terms established, the parties can quickly negotiate individual SOWs that focus on project-specific services and payment terms.

  • Manages Risks.
  • Defined Legal Terms and Conditions.
  • Can Cover Multiple Projects.
  • Clears Future Contract Negotiations.

Service agreements are contracts between 2 parties, it lays foundation of the manner in which services would be provided so that there’s no confusion. This would not only  avoid any confusion but also lead to smooth flow of business.

In India, the Master Service Agreement (MSA) is typically provided by the party that is contracting for services to be performed by another party. This is usually the client or customer who is engaging the services of a vendor or service provider. However, in some cases, the service provider may also provide the MSA for review and negotiation by the client or customer. Ultimately, it is important for both parties to carefully review and negotiate the terms of the MSA to ensure that their respective interests are protected.

A Master Service Agreement contains elements like product warranties, dispute resolution system, the liability of parties, payment terms, and intellectual property.