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Frequently Asked Questions

Wazzeer offers consultation from professionals across the country to offer you advice on any query that you might have. Just raise a query with us and share the details about your requirements. We will get back to you with profiles of professionals best matching your requirements. You can choose whom to go ahead with and we will set up a consultation communication.
We have built the Wazzeer Professional Network with handpicked Lawyers, CAs and CS who are our partners and work with us on an ongoing basis. We know of their expertise, experience and clients’ experience while engaging with them. We leverage our network across the country to connect you to the professional who is best suited for your requirements.
Consultation can happen over a phone call, email or a meeting. Once you decide which professional you would want to consult, we connect you with the professional via the medium of your choice. We do not limit ourselves to just connecting you, instead, we stay a part of the consultation to ensure a smooth experience for you. Your account manager from Wazzeer will be in touch with you to ensure that your query is resolved.
Generally, 30 minutes is good enough for a consultation. For a call or a meeting, we schedule a discussion for 45 minutes. In case the discussion goes beyond that, addition fees will be charged
If the follow up query does not require dedicate time and efforts from the professional, it will be covered in the consultation. However, if it needs efforts from the professional, additional fees will be charged
Please submit the query with us. We will connect you to the best suited professional. In case we need any additional details, we will give you a call.
It is not mandatory, however, recommended. The consultation is time bound and knowing the query before the discussion helps the professional in being prepared better and saves time during the discussion.
Yes, you can have a one on one discussion with the professional. The professional is bound by his or her professional ethics and NDA (as per the terms of our site) to maintain confidentiality.
Absolutely. Anonymously seeking advice from experts is one of the things that we are enabling at Wazzeer as a part of our vision. We want to address the challenge of individuals not getting access to the right advice due to social pressure. You can mention in your description that you would want to keep your identity anonymous and we will not reveal it to anyone. However, in the course of seeking advice, you might need to reveal certain information for the professional to offer his or her advice. It will be your judgement whether you want to reveal that or not
Yes, you can opt for consultation over meeting. However, in this case you will be bound to consult a professional whom you can visit personally
Yes, you can opt for a written opinion or a consultation over email from the professional.
Advice comes with a certain degree of subjectivity and it essentially is what the professional thinks is best suited for you. We share the profile of the professional before the consultation and you are expected to make a choice when you are convinced of the professional’s credentials. While the professional is expected to offer his or her best judgement as advice, he or she might not say something that makes you happy or matches your thoughts. That is a part of the consultation.
Given the nature of the profession and the depth of information that is out there, it is possible that the professional needs to do some further research. In such cases, he or she will get back to you with the answers in reasonable time.
However, in rare circumstances where the professional is not able to answer your queries, we will help you in connecting with another professional who should be able to answer. Your fees will be adjusted against the charges of this professional. In case we are unable to connect you to the right professional, your fees will be refunded
We are offering a wide range of services. Our idea is to be the single platform for all your legal, accounting and compliance requirements. There are high chances that we will be able to offer you the services that are needed post the consultation.