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Frequently Asked Questions

The compliances can be broadly segregated into mandatory ones and the need based ones. The mandatory ones include:
  • Every year, after the financial year ends AGM should be held and the financials of the company should be discussed
  • The accepted financials of the company along with Director’s report and Audit report should be filed with MCA through appropriate forms
Apart from these, there are quite a few compliances that need to be done when a company takes up certain structure and functional changes. MCA has to be informed of these through the compliances.
For Private Limited Company
  • Increase in Authorized share capital
  • Rights Issue of Shares to existing shareholders
  • Addition of Director
  • Resignation of Director
  • Share Transfer
For Limited Liability Partnership:
  • Change in Partnership Deed
  • Addition of Partner/Designated Partner
  • Removal of Partner/Designated Partner
  • Change in contribution of the compan
For Both:
  • Change of registered address of the company
  • Closure of the company
A Share Certificate is a Document issued by the company indicating ownership of shares of the company. It contains on the number of shares owned by a subscriber, face value of the shares etc.
Any shareholder of a company can transfer the ownership of his or her shares to anyone else (may or may not be an existing shareholder). This process is called Share Transfer.
If the shareholder transfers his or her shares at a premium over the price at which he or she had subscribed to them, this profit needs to be declared in IT Returns as capital gains from sale of shares. Applicable IT should be paid by the transferor based on the slabs according to IT Act.
There are high chances that we might be able to help. There are over 400 compliances that a company needs to comply with. Some of the common ones have been listed above. However, we are equipped to help you to comply with most of the compliances under Companies Act and LLP Act. Get in touch with us, so that we can let you know what exactly needs to be done for your company