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Can I register using my residential address and the registered office address for incorporation?

Yes, you can show your own residential or rented home address as the registered office address of the Company. If you take a place for rent, and the bills are in the owner’s name, a ‘No Objection Certificate’ is required from the owner of the property.

  1. Should the director be physically present during this process?

No, the complete process can be carried online. Wazzeer has developed Standard Operating Processes that seamlessly delivers Business Registration 100% online.

  1. How much do I need to invest?

With the amendments to the Companies Act in 2015, there is no prescribed minimum paid up capital amount. You can choose how much do you want to start your company with and go up to a maximum of the Authorised Share Capital (again decided by you). However, as a general practice, most entrepreneurs start the company with

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