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Reply to Objection for Trademark

Notice of Objection to a Trademark application

Objection to Trademark application can be raised by the Registrar. As the applicant of Trademark, one is expected to respond to these objections in the prescribed format. Failure to do so will move the mark to an abandoned state and anyone will be free to apply for its registration.

Process Flow

Step 1

Share requirements + documents

Share your requirements and the list of documents mentioned below.
Step 2

POA to the Professional to respond to objection

Clients will be required to provide Power of Attorney to our Professional for Reply to the Objection of Trademark
Step 3

Preparation of reply to the objection

We will draft the detailed reply to the objection received
Step 4

Submission of reply to the objection

We will submit reply to the objection of Trademark to the Trademark office
Step 5

Receive Acknowledgment letter

Work gets completed upon receiving Acknowledgment letter

Documents required

  • Proof for first usage of the mark
  • Meaning of the mark if it is not in English or Hindi
  • Proof for continuous usage of the mark
  • Why the mark is unique and should be allocated to you.



  • Response to the Trademark objection
  • Acknowledgment letter from Registrar of Trademark

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Frequently Asked Questions

Yes. Even if you have received objection notice in only one class, you will have to send a reply to the same. Failure to do so might lead to your mark being abandoned in that class.

Yes. You will have to make a new Power of Attorney with Law firm B and then they can file the reply to your objection notice

You will have to file an objection with Registrar along with your Registration Number (Or Application Number) through a Lawyer and state the reason why the concerned mark is same or similar to your mark and why the concerned application should be rejected. The registrar may accept your objection directly or call you for the hearing and then accept/ reject your objection.

The registrar may accept your reply and allot registration to you. Or they may ask you to appear for a hearing on the same. Then they may accept/reject your reply for objection and appropriate action will be taken on the same