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Valuation Report by Merchant Banker

What is the Valuation Certificate from Merchant Banker?

A Valuation Certificate from a Merchant Banker is a document that provides an expert opinion on the value of a company’s shares, assets or liabilities. This certificate is often required when a company is planning to go public, raise capital through an IPO, or is involved in a merger, acquisition or restructuring. Merchant bankers use a combination of financial analysis, market research, and other relevant information to arrive at a fair market value of the company’s shares, assets or liabilities.

The certificate will outline the methodology used in the valuation, as well as any assumptions made, and provide an opinion on the value of the assets being valued. The certificate is usually prepared in accordance with the guidelines and regulations set by the relevant regulatory authorities.

Process Flow

Step 1

Share requirements + documents

Share your requirements and the list of documents mentioned below
Step 2

Drafting Valuation report for review

We shall prepare a draft valuation report and share it with you
Step 3

Client to confirm Valuation report

Client has to go through and confirm about the report to us
Step 4

Issue final Valuation report

Upon your inpuits we shall draft and execute the final valuation report
Step 5

Sharing deliverables

We will share Valuation Report as deliverables


Documents required

  • MOA of the Company
  • Any other documents requested by the Registered Valuer



  • Valuation Certificate

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Frequently Asked Questions

To determine the fair value of shares, when a company issues the shares to the investor’s tax it’s mandatory to get the share valuation done by the Merchant banker as per the new rules of Income.

A Merchant Banker report can be issued  in working days.

No, when issuing the shares to the existing shareholders through rights issue, a Merchant Banker Valuation report is not required. Income tax authorities may still ask for the same.

As per the new rules of Income tax it is mandatory to get the share valuation done by the Merchant banker when a company issues the shares to the investors. Earlier the CA’s were allowed to issue the same.