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What is a Term Sheet?

A Term Sheet is a document that lays off the terms of investment. It tells in detail about what a start-up is giving, and what it is getting back in return, it layout the guidelines of how both the parties (The investor and startup) will act to protect the investment.

Process Flow 

Step 1

Share requirements + documents

Share your requirements and the list of documents mentioned below.
Step 2

Guidelines on Terms of Agreement

We will draft a term sheet based on the terms of agreement
Step 3

Discussion on details

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Step 4

Support during negotiations

Our lawyer would support on terms during negotiations
Step 5

Finalisation of Term Sheet

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Documents and Information Required 

  • Required information
  • Documents required if any


  • Term Sheet

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Frequently Asked Questions

A term sheet is generally not considered a legally binding document, but it can include provisions that may be binding, such as exclusivity or confidentiality clauses. Its primary purpose is to outline the key terms and conditions of a proposed investment or business agreement and serve as a guide for the negotiation process. Once the final agreement is reached, it will be documented in a separate legal agreement, such as a stock purchase agreement or an asset purchase agreement.

While a term sheet is not legally binding, it is an essential document in the investment process. It outlines the key terms and conditions of a proposed agreement, providing a framework for negotiations and helping to ensure that all parties are on the same page. Ultimately, a term sheet can help to streamline the negotiation process and prevent misunderstandings that could arise later on.

The purpose of a term sheet is to outline the key terms and conditions of a proposed investment or business agreement. It serves as a guide for the negotiation process between the parties involved, providing a framework for the final agreement. Additionally, it helps to ensure that all parties are on the same page regarding the essential terms of the deal.

A term sheet is typically prepared by the investors or their legal representatives, but it can also be initiated by the company seeking funding. It outlines the key terms and conditions of a proposed investment, including the amount of funding, equity ownership, and any other rights or obligations of both parties. The term sheet serves as a guide for the negotiations that will ultimately lead to a final agreement.