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Join Venture Agreement

What is a Joint Venture Agreement ?

Joint Venture Agreements are required when two or more business entities work together for the purpose of a specific project or business activity. Even if it is between two small business it is advised to have a written agreement, and the agreement should define clearly the purpose of the joint venture, how they share the profit and losses, how these parties share in making decisions, etc.

Process Flow

Step 1

Share your requirements

Share your requirements and the list of documents mentioned below.
Step 2

Discussion with the professionals

You can discuss with our professionals and clear your doubts
Step 3

Drafting and sharing of first draft

Our Lawyers would draft co-founders agreement and share the draft with you
Step 4

Review and feedback

The draft would be reviewed for receving feedback
Step 5

Iterations and Final Documents

After receiving feedback draft would be iterated to draft final document
Step 6

Sharing deliverables

We will share First Draft (Soft Copy) and Final Draft (Soft Copy) as deliverables

Documents and Information Required

  • Required information
  • Documents required if any


  • First Draft (Soft Copy)
  • Final Draft (Soft Copy)

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Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Purpose: The joint venture agreement should clearly define the purpose and goals of the partnership.
  2. Contributions: The agreement should outline the contributions each party will make to the joint venture, including capital, resources, expertise, and intellectual property.
  3. Governance: The agreement should establish the decision-making process, management structure, and distribution of profits and losses among the parties.
  1. Shared Risk and Costs: Joint ventures allow parties to share the risks and costs of a new venture, reducing the financial burden on each individual party.
  2. Access to Expertise: Joint ventures enable parties to combine their expertise, resources, and technology to achieve common goals that may not be achievable on their own.
  3. Increased Market Presence: Joint ventures can help parties expand their market reach and gain a competitive edge by leveraging each other’s strengths and resources.
  4. Flexibility and Control: Joint venture agreements provide a framework for decision-making, resource allocation, and profit sharing, allowing parties to maintain control over their respective interests while collaborating effectively.

A joint venture agreement is important as it lays out the terms and conditions of a business partnership between two or more parties. It specifies the roles and responsibilities of each party, the contribution they will make, the profits and losses distribution, and how decisions will be made.