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Why KYC is required?

As per the recent announcement of MCA, any director who has been allotted DIN by/on 31 March 2018 and whose DIN has an approved status, will have to submit KYC details to MCA, this procedure mandatory for disqualified directors as well.

Process Flow

Step 1

Share documents and requirements

Share your requirements and the list of documents mentioned below.
Step 2

Wazzeer will prepare e form and generate otp

We will help preparing e form and otp will be generated
Step 3

Share the OTP

Client has to share generated otp
Step 4

Wazzeer will file the e form DIR3 KYC

We will file e form for DIR3 KYC
Step 5

Sharing deliverables

We will provide filed e forms and challan

Documents Required

For Indian DIN Holders:

  • Copy of PAN
  • Copy of Passport / Aadhar card
  • Copy of Bank Statement / Mobile Bill

For Foreigners:

  • Notarised and apostilled copy of Passport
  • Notarised and apostilled copy of address proof – Bank statement / Mobile bill.


  • Filled e-form
  • Challan

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Frequently Asked Questions

No, The KYC is related to the DIN number of a director so the director has to get done the KYC only once in a year, no matter how many companies he is a director.

In case you do not have access to the old contact details that you have provided then you need to file e-form KYC with updated details.

Yes, DIR3 KYC is an annual compliance you have to get it done every year.

If you do not complete the DIR3 KYC the DIN of the director will be deactivated, and that individual will not be able to file anything until he completes his KYC

  • There are 2 types of KYC. One is company KYC (INC-22A) and one is DIN KYC (DIR-3 KYC).
    • DIN KYC is the responsibility of the individual holding respective Directors Identification Number(DIN) held by the director.
    • Company KYC is the responsibility of the Company, to make sure that the company is compliant will all standard compliances.
    • If the directors of the company have not done their DIN KYC then their company cannot complete Company KYC.