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Agreement Vetting

What is Vetting?

In terms of Law Agreement or contract, vetting means making a careful and critical examination of documents. Vetting is important to ensure that all the safeguards are taken, specific roles are defined, there is clarity in each and every aspects, etc. it is important to understand that under no circumstances any word can be implanted or an additional meaning can be drawn other than what is understood in literal manner.

Process flow

Step 1

Share documents and requirements

Share your requirements and the list of documents mentioned below.
Step 2

Discussion with the professionals

We will set-up a call with our lawyer to understand your requirements in detail
Step 3

First review and feedback

Our lawyer would review the agreement and send thier observations and feedbacks for your review
Step 4

Second review and feedback

Upon receiving your feedback we shall review your agreement again if required and give our comments
Step 5

Final Discussion with the professional

A final meeting would be set up so you can have a discussion about your doubts , queries again
Step 6

Close the work

Work gets completed

Documents required

  • Agreement for vetting
  • Information in detail


  • Vetted draft if any

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Frequently Asked Questions

No, when an agreement is vet it only describes all the terms and condition that one is going to agree too, it shall not mitigate from any risk or responsibility of the parties.

An agreement should be vetted prior to signing it so that they shall have a clear understanding of what they are agreeing to.

Vetting of agreements helps the parties to know about the risks and responsibilities that would come with the work. Thus, it helps in getting a clarity of the agreement.

A professional who is well versed with the law relating to the subject matter of the agreement is eligible to vett them and our lawyers at Wazzeer can be handy for this purpose.

Yes, it is also suggestable to get the agreement vetted from a third party who can provide a clear understanding and precise opinion on the contents of the agreement.