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Registration Process For Importer Exporter Code

Registration Process For Importer Exporter Code

Importer Exporter Code (IEC) is mandatory for anyone who is Importing in India or exporting out of India. IEC Code is a unique 10 digit code that would be issued Director General of Foreign Trade, Ministry of Commerce, Government of India. No person would be allowed to import or export anything without IEC Code Number.  This article will walk you quickly through the registration process for Import Export Code.

The procedure of Acquiring Importer Exporter Code Firstly an Authorized Employee from the Company, in person, needs to go to the office and fill the application form or it can be sent through Post/Courier. On receiving the application, an acknowledgment will be generated in form of a receipt having File Number. This file number can be used at the time of any query regarding the application submitted. The application is then sent to IEC section where it is processed. IES is generated if the application is found to be complete as per the prescribed requirements). If not then a deficiency letter is generated stating the reason for deficiency and sent to the applicant. Replies are awaited in cases where deficiency letter is issued and after due compliance by the applicant, the IEC is allotted.  

Documents Required:

  • MoA, AoA and Certificate of Incorporation
  • List of Directors with residential address, Pin Code, Phone Number on letterhead
  • List of Directors of Company Letterhead
  • PAN card of Director
  • Covering Letter in Company Letterhead
  • Bank statement of the Company
  • 4 photographs of signing authority
  • Type of Exporter (Merchant/ Manufacturer/ Service/ Others/ Merchant cum Manufacturer)

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