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Patent Filing Process

Patent Filing Process

Patent is an exclusive right which is granted for the innovation done by you or in other words, innovators are given patent for their innovations. Patent protects original Inventions with a new or improved function like chemical composition, machines, new design for an article of manufacture. It gives its owner right to prevent others from making, using, selling, or importing the protected invention. It has a term of 20 years and it cannot be renewed.

The Process of filing Patent Firstly you need to conduct Patent search to see whether there has been a patent of this nature been registered or not. Patent Search is of 2 types: Indian and Global. If there is no other such patent then, drafting of specification is done by the Patent Attorney. After drafting, filing of Patent application is done. Govt. Fees need to be paid at this step and it depends on type of invention. After which comes the waiting period of 12 months, where anyone who has an objection to the patent may submit the objection within this time frame. After 12 months and within the end of 15 months of filing, Final Application needs to be submitted and Patent Application will be processed. After this, patent certificate will be provided to you.

Documents Required

  • Declaration as to inventorship
  • Statement and undertaking
  • Proof of right to make an application
  • The authorization of an agent

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