Guidelines Received by Startups from Indian Patent office

In order to encourage aspiring entrepreneurs and also boost innovation, India Patent Office has issued guidelines for startups with respect to filling and processing of applications for patent, designs and trademarks.

As per the guidelinesa startup willing to file a patent application for an invention will have to select a facilitator who would help in preparing the request and also assess the patentability of the invention as per acts and rules, the Controller General Patents, Designs and Trade Marks said in a public notice. If the startup is unable to select a facilitator, it should contact the head office of the respective Patent Office as per jurisdiction, who shall provide 3 names of the facilitator and the startup will finalize the name, the notice added.

The fees for filing the patent will be taken care by the Startup. The facilitator needs to take care of further steps in patent application and also needs to reply to any query from patent office. A list of 280 facilitators has been released by the office. For filing and processing applications for designs, the patent facilitators would provide their services. In the plan it has been mentioned that all the expenses of facilitation for filing patent, trademark or design, will be taken care of by the government. The move is aimed at promoting awareness and adoption of intellectual property rights by startups and facilitate them in protecting and commercialising those rights.  

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