How to File a DMCA Complaint to Resolve Website Content Scraping Issues

The article talks about the details of filing a DMCA (Digital Millennium Copyright Act) complaint to resolve website content scraping issues. You should keep in mind that if you didn't do anything about it a lot of websites known as 'scrapers' will continue to take advantage of your content. And in near future your website can be affected, especially in the search results.

First Step: Website Content Ownership Legality Requirements
Before we move forward with DMCA complaint, you need to prove the ownership of your website content. You can only file DMCA complaint on other website when you have enough prove regarding your website content ownership  

Second Step: Detect website content scrapers and gather evidence
You will be required to state the URLs of infringing website pages where your content has been copied if you intend to file at DMCA complaint. So it is important to detect them and make a list.

Third Step: Contact infringing website First, let them know that they are copying content from your website and they are not authorized to do so. Second, provide them with a complete list of URLs where your content is found on their website. Third, ask them to remove the copied content. Optionally, you might offer to grant them permission, provided they link to your website. This might beneficial if the website copying your content is popular and authoritative. Fourth, you should set realistic deadlines as to when you?expect them to implement your suggestions or get a reply.  

Fourth Step: Escalate issue to web host and file DMCA complaint If you don't get any answer from the infringing website, you need to contact the web host of that site and send an inquiry. You have to fill out the complaint form and include the url of the copied website as well as our website and send it to the host. The hosting support will then review the complaint, and reply to us and ask us to file DMCA. After the web host receives the DMCA complaint, they will facilitate the removal of content from the infringing website according to their terms and conditions.

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