Top 5 things Startups should learn from SUITS

Suits created by Aaron Korsh, known as the most educated program on television, modernized the perception of lawyers worldwide, to a billionaire businessman who does brilliant things for his firm called Pearson Specter Litt. Startups have N number of things to learn from this tv series because learning can happen from anything and at any time. Top 5 things Startups should learn from SUITS:

1. Some Rules are to be followed: Your startup might be at its early stage or at fundraising stage. But hey, there are some rules you need to keep in mind. First things first, you need to register your startup as a company, make the usage policy transparent, pay your taxes, because you are never into existence until you are legally there.

2. Plan Big: Why do you have to let go your startup idea easily, believe in it, may be you are bringing an innovation to the market. Give your company that deserving IP rights, copyright and trademark. Remember the word impossible can spell out I am possible.

3. Win your battles before they’ve even been fought: your battle is with your competitor, that one alternative which plays a key role in five forces. Being prepared for the battle from the legal point of view will not only give you the edge but adds value during fundraising.

4. Fight the problems you face. Sometimes things get difficult but you should stand your ground: You may require suing your competitor for, maybe, for a copyright issue, if you just let go off your hands, one day the problem will be on your neck, don't breath by taking that risk.

5. Don’t try to lose small, try to win big: The take is your startup’s future, startups are growth bombs, known for its style of taking risks, so just do it, but with care because everyone is equal in front of law, while as an entrepreneur it is important to have a team working along with you, it is equally important to understand what needs to be done and what the compliances are.

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