Share Transfer Process

The shareholdings of the company decide the ownership of that Private Limited Company. In order to introduce new investors or transfer the ownership of the company, you need to transfer the shared of that private limited company.

The Procedure for Share Transfer

  1. Shareholder should decide to sell his share to the existing shareholders or any other investor. After deciding he needs to give notice, in writing, to the Board of directors about the transfer of shares of the company.
  2. The shareholder determines the price of the shares, which cannot be less than the face value. After price determination, notice is given to the shareholders about the availability and price of the shares. Post which the payment is made by the individual acquiring the shares (either an existing shareholder or a new investor).
  3. Then the company needs to file form MGT-14 to ROC.
  4. Share Certificate is issued. If it is given to an existing shareholder then he needs to surrender his old certificate.

Documents Required

  • MOA, AOA and Certificate of Incorporation
  • Name of Shareholder
  • Name of Father/Spouse
  • Residential address of shareholder
  • Email ID
  • Percentage of Shares

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