Property Buying Legal Advices (PBA101):

Fraud and disputes related to property in India is on rise because of the ignorance on the part of the investors, buyers and purchasers. Number of cases filed in property matters shows that scrutiny in drafting of various legal property documents are major areas for improvement. 80% buyers don?t get complete property documents at the time of purchase. These buyers struggle at the time of sale of property. Another problem linked to property documents is that buyer or a seller is not aware why specific property document is required?(according to Nitin Bhatiya). In India, Real estate transactions are executed under legal documents which require compulsory registration. A slip in adhering to this rule would lead to misunderstandings, different interpretations and litigation. Learn more about property due diligence. Be smart buyer. For any Legal and Accounting support, let us help you out. For more interesting updates follow us on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and Google+