Introducing Counsel – Free Legal, accounting & compliance advice. Online.

#WazzeerKaCounsel How many times have you ended up browsing scores of sites to get some information on legal, accounting or compliance matters? You end up reading lots of data dump, wasting considerable time and wishing there was someone who could offer you advice for what you are looking for. Of course, you can go to a Lawyer, Chartered Accountant or a Company Secretary that you are somehow connected to but there is one small problem – you are not sure of his expertise area (not to mention you privacy concerns). We, at Wazzeer have been facing similar challenges as entrepreneurs, startup and individuals. We have been leveraging the Wazzeer Professionals Network to help people like you get advice for their specific queries from qualified practicing professionals across the country. Looking at the impact we have been creating, we decided to come up with a platform which did exactly this – offer expert advice from practicing Lawyers, Chartered Accountants and Company Secretaries to businesses and individuals while maintaining their anonymity. How Counsel works As an end user you can simply go on our platform and ask any query you might have. Please share the details for this helps us in understanding the question properly. We will need you to share your basic details (contact details primarily), however, none of these will be shown to anyone including the professional who answers the question for you. The details are needed for informing you once the answer is available. The question is shared with professionals with expertise in the related field. Once the question has been answered by the professional, it is shared with you. The question and answer will be published on our platform and can be viewed by any visitor. However, your personal details are not visible to anyone. In fact, all the questions are moderated and in case you have shared any details unintentionally, don?t worry, the admin will remove those details before publishing. Counsel application, for your legal and accounting advice A free service Counsel is a free initiative and we do not charge or intend to charge for it. The whole team at Wazzeer is very excited with the launch of Counsel. We believe that it?s a positive step towards our mission of making legal, accounting and compliances easy, accessible and transparent. We hope that you as an end user find this helpful. In case you have any idea on how to make this better, please feel free to ping us @?