Ten actions that are not considered as Copyright Infringement

Wazzeer has produced articles on -  What Copyright is; How Copyright can be filed; What the top 10 questions people tend to ask about Copyright; What if someone infringes the Copyright. This time we have decided to take the discussion on this subject to the next level.  In order to bring clarity amongst young startups community, in this blog, we will look into actions that are not considered Copyright Infringement in India.


  1. Using literary, dramatic, musical or artistic work for private research
  2. Making of copies or adaptation of a computer programme by the lawful processor
  3. Utilization of computer programme for the purpose for which it was supplied.
  4. Reproduction of the work for the purpose of a judicial proceeding
  5. Playing the recording in an enclosed room for the public to hear.
  6. Making no more than 3 copies of the copyrighted book under the direction of the Copyright owner
  7. The film works with all particulars are displayed in the video film.
  8. Any artistic work permanently situated in a public place.
  9. Reproduction of the content in any Indian Language
  10. The observation, study or test of functioning of a computer programmer for which the computer programme was supplied.

These are the top 10 actions that are generally carried out by individuals and businesses for various purposes. The above actions do not come under copyright infringement.

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