10 Most asked Questions on Copyright Ever!

  1. What is copyright?

A copyright is used to protect IP that is in an original literary, dramatic, musical or artistic work, cinematograph films, and sound recordings. However, no copyright subsists in a cinematograph film if a substantial part of the film is an infringement of the copyright in any other work. A computer programme is treated as a ?literary work? and is protected as such.

  1. Can an algorithm be copyrighted?

A computer programme is treated as a ?literary work? and is protected as such by copyright.

  1. Is Copyright Registration Compulsory?

Registration is not a prerequisite for acquiring a copyright in a work. A copyright in a work is created when the work is created and given a material form, provided it is original.

  1. Should I Copyright again when doing business in other countries?

India is a member of the Bren convention and Universal convention. As Per that any work first published in any country which is a member of any of the above conventions need not file copyright again.

  1. What Rights does Copyright Provide?

The creator of a work can prohibit or authorize anyone to: reproduce the work in any form, such as print, sound, video, etc; use the work for a public performance, such as a play or a musical work; make copies/recordings of the work, such as via compact discs, cassettes, etc.; broadcast it in various forms; or translate the same to other languages.

  1. How long is copyright valid?

60 years.

  1. Can I assign Copyright to the third party?

Yes, unless such assignment is in writing and signed by the assignee and the assignee.

  1. What if there occurs copyright infringement in India?

The Copyright Act provides both civil and criminal remedies for copyright infringement. When an infringement is proved, the copyright owner is entitled to remedies by way of injunction, damages, and order for seizure and destruction of infringing articles.

  1. Can the copyright by someone else be used for the public purpose?

Yes, it can be but by giving prior notice to the owner, and essentially with Statutory License and Compulsory License.

10. Alrighty, What is the procedure to register Copyright?

To know the process of registering a copyright, click here

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